Why WordPress?

WordPress Dashboard

WordPress didn’t hit that good when it first came out in 2003. But over the past years,  it has become the most popular and widely used Content Management System (CMS).

 While the static HTML layout requires a user to format the HTML code to add contents even in a single page, WordPress allows an easy to set ready made themes with content drag and drop feature. WordPress is for the ones who want to build a website but don’t know how to edit HTML codes. We have used WordPress for this site because it’s easy and have focused our products on WordPress to make website development a user friendly experience.

 So here are some more reasons as to why WordPress is the best option. 

  1. WordPress is easy to use. Adding new pages, blog posts, images on a regular basis can be done quickly and saves the time spent on formatting with its simplicity.
  2. WordPress doesn’t require HTML editing software. You can post a new blog, upload images, documents, videos, format a text without having to worry about HTML or FTP software.
  3. WordPress supports free and reasonably priced plugins to enable its users to add calendar, video gallery, social media feeds and other functionalities that enhance your website.
  4. You can access your Website from any computer. All you need is an internet enabled computer and your login info.
  5. WordPress codes are clean and simple making it easy for search engines to read and index the site’s content. Each page, post and image can have its own meta tag, keywords, description and title and be optimized for specific keywords allowing a precise SEO.
  6. You can always have a “contact us” page but the blog comments provided by WordPress allows you to have a two way discussion with your readers. The comments they post may contain keyword phrases which is like getting free SEO help from the public.
  7. You will no longer have to wait for your web designer to make simple updates to your site. WordPress provides simple features that a person who doesn’t even know what goes into building a website can learn to add and format the contents like a pro.
  8. You can set-up multiple users for the website and assign access levels to each user.
  9. The design of your website can be customizable that makes your brand shine out and provide a unique visual experience to the visitors.
  10. Blogging capabilities are built-in as WordPress originated as a blogging platform. So it is easy to integrate a blog.

WordPress might be under-rated but it sure has a lot of benefits (more than the ones mentioned above) and fits perfectly for every creative idea for a website. And if you still are in a dilemma, try it out once with some great themes like Sampression Lite, Naya Lite, Accesspress Lite, Zerif Lite and MH Purity Lite. They’re free and easy to use and you might just end up loving WordPress.