Using Facebook for Business

You have used Facebook at least at one point even if not every day, so you know the importance of using it for business and about how it can help you find new customers with its boundless user base. While marketing your business through Facebook might not seem like rocket science, actually doing it can be a whole different story.

Facebook marketing do’s and don’ts:

  • Do not ignore your customers’ comments on your business, negative or positive. It will only disappoint them or make them angry. So even if you can’t reply to each comment in accordance to its need, replying with a simple “thank you” can create a better impression. And you can always solve some major issues in private.
  • Posting ads constantly from your page is like watching commercials during your favorite TV show. You don’t sit there watching those ads; you simply leave the room. And it’s the same with the users- they will simply exit the page. So make your posts more social and yet relevant to your business.
  • Avoid writing lengthy posts as much as possible. According to Kissmetric, “Posts with less than 80 characters received more than 66% engagement than lengthier counterparts.”
  • Post around 1 to 4 times a week to avoid cluttering your customers’ news feed.
  • Create a web address on Facebook and mention it on your business card, website or other marketing materials instead of buying likes. Forcing someone to like your page and influencing someone to like your page with your work can have completely different impacts on your business.
  • Let people in your life know about your page so that they can support you and promote it for you. It’s not about the likes; it’s all about a genuine connection.

But before you log into your Facebook to post something interesting, just sit down for a minute or two and think about what would excite you or generate your interest in reading a post as a customer and only then set out to conquering your adventure to Facebook marketing.