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Sampression License

Super Simple Sampression License.

We spend much more time creating than worrying about what the legalese in this license I should keep. This license is very much super simple.

All products sold and available for free to download on remain the property of Last Door

This license allows the purchaser license to make use of the purchased products within the terms below.

Last Door Solutions Pvt. Ltd. retains the right to talk, publish, and discuss your use of Sampression products.


  • Modify or customize the products as per your need
  • Use the products in multiple personal projects and client work
  • Use the products without attribution to Sampression



  • License, redistribute, resell, lease, or sublicense Sampression products as it is.
  • After modifying Sampression products, you can do any of the above things.
  • Share your purchased files with others outside of your agency.


Give a shoutout or share a word about how Sampression products have helped you if it actually helps. Also, you can send us an email on how you have been using the Sampression products and what would have been better. We are always eager to learn and listen to different perspectives. Email ->

If you have any further questions about the license that you didn’t find here, please reach out to me at

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