Version 1.5.2

  • Fixed: Overlapping issue of the posts
  • Fixed: CSS issue for featured image
  • Added: Language file (sampression.po) added for translation
  • Some function is changed

Version 1.5.1

  • Fixed: Repeating id changed to class.
  • Fixed: Category Filtering menu fixed in ios devices
  • Fixed: Removed extra closing tags on sidebar.php file

Version 1.5

  • Added: Responsive video feature added.
  • Changed: Isotope jquery plugin replaced by shuffle.js jquery plugin
  • Changed: Multiple category filtering changed to single category filtering in home page
  • Changed: Sticky post’s position changed from right to left.
  • Fixed: CSS Fixings.


  • Added: CSS for header section
  • Fixed: Logo/icons popup issue
  • Fixed: Various CSS Fixing
  • Improved: Code optimizations

Version 1.4

  • Added: Sampression Lite is now retina ready
  • Added: Added rtl.css for RTL(right-to-left) support
  • Added: Sampresson Lite now supports custom background image and color
  • Added: Sampresson Lite now supports custom header image and color
  • Added: Apple touch icon of size 144×144 for high resolution ipads with option on admin panel
  • Fixed: Top Nav resizing problem
  • Fixed: Custom code not working
  • Fixed: Categories overlap on archive page
  • Improved: Various code optimizations


  • Fixed: automatic widget glitch on ‘bottom-widget-3’

Version 1.3.2

  • Fixed CSS related bugs, especially on the IE browsers < version 9.x
  • Fixed “Featured Image Height” issue
  • Fixed “Featured Image Alignment” related issues on various view-port sizes
  • Fixed “Notice” issue: Notice doesn’t appear when there are no sticky posts
  • Fixed “Tags Alignment” issue: Before the fix, tags didn’t align when there were many tags and categories
  • Fixed “Image Alignment” issue: Image inserted from editor are automatically aligned
  • Fixed “Default About Me Widget” issue: Default “About Me Widget” on the bottom of the page can now be removed
  • Fixed “Responsive Design” related issues
  • Fixed “Tick Mark” issue: The “Tick Mark” icon that appeared while hovering over categories filter in the primary navigation bar doesn’t appear anymore when unchecked
  • Added: “Filter By” bar shows all categories by default along with a sliding animation
  • Added: Sneak-peek of all existing categories
  • Fixed “Filter By” bar click issue
  • The page now scrolls to the top when category is changed
  • Different image thumbnail sizes have been used for featured image on homepage and interior pages
  • Improved multiple level menus for large screen sizes and added support for small screen sizes
  • Changed previous social media icons (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus) and added YouTube as an option
  • The design of “Sticky Post” has been made more prominent
  • A slightly darker color has been used for links
  • Fixed Meta links now redirect to their respective archive pages
  • Users can now use any name for apple touch icons, favicons and logos
  • Added Options to not use the default logos and favicons
  • Removed Site verification, analytics, etc.
  • Removed default logo, favicons and apple touch icons
  • Few sampression hooks ( sampression_meta, sampression_title, sampression_favicon, sampression_styles, sampression_links, sampression_logo, etc. ) are introduced.

Version 1.3

  • Multiple categories can be selected under “Filter By” option in the home page.
  • Fixed the “Draft Post” issue: Drafts Posts do not appear until they are published.
  • Fixed the “Theme Options” issue: Subscribers cannot change “Theme Options” anymore.
  • Supports WP-Pagenavi plugin.
  • Supports dropdown menu.
  • Theme Options layout enchance.

Version 1.2

  • Added the missing function for excerpts.
  • Minor fixing of Search Form Placeholder Text.
  • Added “Back to Gallery” link to Single Image Gallery Post.
  • Fixed the Multi layout (auto re-sizing and auto appending) feature using isotope script.


  • Fixed Error 1: Latest posts appeared twice in the home page.
  • Fixed Error 2: Widgetizing problem with the right sidebar.