How to start a blog? Step-by-Step Tutorial

After enjoying few years of your life, you must have something you want to share. It may be Stories, Experiences, Skills, Incidents, or something else. And if you’re reading this piece of article, then you’ve probably thought about writing a blog at least once.

But do you really have to start writing a blog? — The blogging world is cluttered, but it’s crucial to understand that the writing is slow-paced but gives you a compounding & a homogenous return.

Writing is much easier than you think.

Let’s get started.

Writing content is a long game of discipline, so we need a bit of consistency to start with. And once you’re in the game, you will enjoy the journey.


Blogging is one of the fields where hacks are likely to work less than being honest. Tell your story, and that particular art needs no effort, which will eventually build your own audience.

A Niche to stick with

Of course, we are not magicians, and we need some topic, outline, or idea to start with. Selecting a niche is maybe a strenuous job, but it will be easier for you to publish your thoughts once you find an axis.

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Some ideas you can start with:
Social issues
Celebrity news

You may feel like writing about everything you know will make you an all-rounder, but that’s not the case in blogging. You See, in blogging, you need to stick to a particular niche to get your blogs to stand out from others.

Because, who would you rather fancy the blogs of someone who gives opinions about a particular topic while educating you at the same time? Or, A guy who posts some random topics here and there and tries to act like Mr. KnowItAll.

You Need a Blog Name

The blog name is the physical station of your blog. Basically, it’s a Domain Name that directs users to your website.

For example, is the domain name of this website.

How To Choose a Blog Name?

It’s pretty simple. All you need to do is choose a name representing your business and add www and .com in it. Most of the time, you’ll get your blog name, but if it’s already taken, try replacing the .com with .co or .cc, and so on to make it shorter, catchy & handy.

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Namechk helps you find the best Blog name for your website.

Select a blog name that suits your website and, at the same time, is clear to the audience. For example, is a super catchy name whereas, is rather lengthy and takes much time to write.

Get a Blogging Platform

There are tons of blogging platforms available for you to choose from. The easiest, most convenient one that we would suggest is WordPress.

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WordPress is a simple to use blogging platform where you can launch your blog with ease. It’s where you manage and organize your website with minimal effort. WordPress allows you to work in both the back end and front so that you can create cool content that catches the audience’s eyes.

But what about the back end? You need a Content Management System to help you manage the back end. That is what this step is all about.

Sampression is a Content Management System affiliated with WordPress, working in favor of bloggers like you thinking to join the blogging industry.

For example, It’s like the Content Creator option for your YouTube channel to manage your videos.


Pick a Web Hosting Provider to Make Your Website Live

No…there is more. You need to understand the type of website you’re making, like portfolio, online store, etc. Then, you require a Web Hosting Provider.

You’ll find a bunch of Web Hosting Providers to start with. So, all you have to do is, select a hosting provider of your choice and start working.

Customize Blog Theme For a More Audience-Friendly Interface.

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After all these steps are complete, you need to go back to your Blogging Platform because this is where the magic happens.

You can choose the pre-built themes and plug-ins from your blogging platform according to your personal preference for your blog. Then, install any WordPress theme and apply them to your Blogs.

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Sampression has a bunch of WordPress themes built for bloggers:

Every theme in Sampression is Drag-And-Drop featured so, and you can freely work in this interface.

Awesome!!! Now you know How To Start A Blog, and I think you’re ready for it.


  • What topic do you like?
  • Which Blogging Platform will you choose?
  • What do you think about Sampression themes?
  • Which Web Hosting Provider did you like?

Please do let us know.