How to monetize your WordPress blog for free ?

Do you have the skills required to make killer content for a blog, but lack of information preventing you from taking the next step of monetizing your blog.

Then this is the right article for you because, in this article, we will discuss the most basic way to monetize your blog:

Using Google AdSense:

AdSense is this generation’s hotcake. Everyone is using them, and it is the best method to earn money.

AdSense gives you the great flexibility to make money based on the number of visitors.

Wondering how to do it well, it is simple. You can apply to google for AdSense. After reviewing your blog, Google will provide you with pay-per-click product advertisements, which you can keep on your blogging site and earn money.

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Sadly, there is a bummer as google AdSense has a strict policy for AdSense. So, here is our suggestion to you make sure you correctly follow all the guidelines. This will ensure that you will pass the requirement needed to use Google AdSense for your blog.


Affiliate link:

Another quite popular method for earning money from your blog is using the affiliate link. Of course, the word ‘Affiliate link’ may sound quite tricky and confusing. Still, in reality, using Adsense is a walk in the park.

To simply put it affiliate link refers to promoting someone else’s product on your blogging site. You get money when someone visiting your site buys the product you sponsor. The money you get is based on the agreement you make with the product owner.

There are tons of companies that offer an affiliate program. Some of the more popular programs include Amazon, Commission Junction, and ClickBank.

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After reading this far, you must be impatient to use an affiliate link, right? But hold your horses’ partner because there are things you need to consider before using them.

Since affiliate links are based on promoting a product, we recommend you thoroughly check the product before recommending them, or else you will lose visitors.

They also have stringent rules and regulations that you must follow to be eligible to use affiliate links. But with a bit of consideration, we are sure you can do it.


Sponsored Post:

One of the best methods we recommend to monetize your blog and earn from it is using sponsored posts. All you need to do is develop content featuring a product you have used and post it.

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If you are already a well-known blogger, then the path ahead is clear for you. In fact, the companies will themselves approach you asking you to promote their product. However, if you are just a beginner, you got some work to do.

Don’t worry, though. We are here to help. To ensure that you land a deal for a sponsored product, you need a solid game plan.

Make sure you make a lovely proposal and present them to the company you want to make a sponsored post. With good content and a little bit of effort, you are sure to land a deal.

The best part about sponsored posts is that it is up to you to decide the rate you want to get paid. And, based on the agreement you make with companies, you will know how much you will earn.


Promoting your own product:

Another way to earn money from your blog is by promoting your own content. You may be thinking that it sounds silly, doesn’t it, as who wouldn’t promote their own content, right?

This is where you are wrong. Often bloggers hesitate to promote their own product, which leads to losing a large chunk of money that they could have earned effortlessly.

Similarly, if you have a good number of viewers, then promoting your own product can help. But, again, it will be easier for you to earn as you already have a loyal number of followers who would most likely buy your product.


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However, there is a catch to using this method as it can prove to be a double-edged sword if considerations are not made. In fact, if your audience doesn’t like your product, you will lose more than just customers, as your loyal fanbase will take a hit.

You will also need to make sure that the credibility of your blog doesn’t get affected while making claims for your own product.

At the same time, you will need to put on a lot more effort for this method than others.


Asking for donations:

If you are a blogger who only blogs for content and doesn’t like all the previous methods mentioned in the article, this option is the right one for you. Often, there are blogs which post informative content which include a comparison between product.

AdSense, affiliate product, or sponsored content may contradict your own blogs content in such a case. Therefore asking for a donation is the best method for you. These days, asking for viewers to become your patron and donate is an everyday norm.

Also, this method allows you complete freedom of representing your opinions in your blog without worrying about any percussions.

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Ironically though, using this method can create mistrust in your viewers if you depend on patrons who have ties to famous companies.

Viewers tend to think that your content is biased as you are being supported by people affiliated with a company.


Writing a review:

There is also a method similar to sponsored posts for making money which is writing a review.

You can review products or services by using them for a certain period and write a review about them. It is one of the easiest ways to make money from your blogging skills.

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But this method limits a blogger’s freedom as often there are terms and conditions by the product owner that force you to only write about a specific aspect of the product you view.

Also, writing reviews about a product tends to decrease a blogger’s credibility as viewers consider content creators who write reviewers as biased.

If you have reached this far in the document, then give yourself a pat on the back because you now have the knowledge required to take the first step toward monetizing your blog. So, what are you waiting for? Why not start monetizing your blog today.