From Sampression Lite to Sampression Pro

Today, websites are the most effective ways to communicate with the world which is why people use them to share their personal stories, let others know about their business, sell products, market their services, share photos and videos they have taken and the like.

We released Sampression Lite on August 2012. This was our first step towards contributing a repository published free blogging theme to the community. But due to some technical reasons  we couldn’t focus on the contribution initiated, which we believe is the shortcoming of our team. And as soon as we realized it, we decided to introduce a much better version and started that endeavour for the love of our WordPress theme lovers. This realization enforced us into introducing a new theme, Naya Lite. We released the product in April, 2014.

We received overwhelming responses to the theme and just recently we crossed the 100,000th milestone. We have received thousands of suggestions about Sampression Lite from around the world and we have been working on releasing new versions with every bug fixed in accordance to those suggestions and we’ve released up to Version 1.5.2 till date. We gathered feedback from our customers and worked on the basis of those feedback to fulfill each and every need of our beloveds.

After 10 months’ period of feedback and data collection, we came up with an idea of a new theme we call Sampression Pro, which we are planning to launch during the last week of February. During this period, we learned about how our customers’ choice of the WordPress theme determines the most important aspects of our themes. Since most people are attracted by aesthetics, a best theme is the one that not only looks good but is also lean and lightweight, easy to customize, flexible, has standard features and great documentation, actively developed and well supported. Keeping these aspects in mind, we’ve come up with Sampression Pro with an assurance to provide you those features.

We’ve received tremendous support from you for Sampression Lite and we hope you will support us for Sampression Pro, too.