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Sampression is a side hustle of a Designer.

👋 I’m Pravash Karki, UI/UX designer, an entrepreneur, and a citizen of Earth.

I and my team have been working with WordPress as our major CMS for our clients since its inception in 2003. We wanted to contribute to the community that has given us so much.

It all started with making a WordPress theme. But why only themes when you can make UX Deliverables, Website Templates, and more.

Sampression is a small effort to help, fellow designers and entrepreneurs, by providing digital goods and tools to energize their day-to-day creative workflow.

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Purpose & Passion

0. Side hustle of a Designer.
1. Crafting quality assets for people just like me.
2. Sharing knowledge and creating a craft that matters.
3. Join me and be a part of something bigger: 15% of all Sampression profits will be donated to school student scholarships in Kathmandu, Nepal, the place where I live. So, every purchase you make goes to help a child’s education.

Let’s build and ship beautiful and functional digital experience together.

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