About Us

Just another community of designers, developers and WordPress lovers.

Sampression is our way of showing people our love for WordPress.

Who we are

We chose the name Sampression because it reflects what we do, we communicate and we share ideas. We then shape our ideas into WordPress themes; into themes that are affordable and easy to set up for businesses of all sizes.

What we do

We build themes to serve a single purpose: to improve the standards of the WordPress theme industry. We take pride not only in the elegance of our themes, but also their practicality. Everyday, we build themes for people who share our love for WordPress.

Our Team

Our team is composed of professional WordPress developers and graphic designers. We are always working on releasing themes with the latest features and themes that work on new devices and different screen sizes.

If you’d like to use our themes or spread the word about them, be informed that we also offer unparalleled customer support for technical difficulties you might face while using our themes.